About Us

SAYA COMPANY is a knowledge enterprise which has started its activity since 2005 in the world of technology and communication.The company offers extensive services in the fields below:

• Communication hardware and software production and supply
• Data Center and related services (Security and Maintenance)
• Communication infrastructure requirements production and supply (Hardware and Software)
• Providing services in fields of IT, ICT and IOT

By using the modern technology and relying on the knowledge of Iranian experts, SAYA is trying to take an important step to facilitate the access of communication and telecommunication industry owners to high tech hardware and software services in Iran and other countries in the region. SAYA is ready to to provide services to communication industry owners, telecommunications service providers, mobile operators and active companies in fields of IT, ICT and IOT



Providing services related to DATA CENTER software, hardware and security


Supply and production of GPON, XPON, EPON and OLT devices


Supply and production of 4G, 4.5G and 5G CPE and mobile routers


Supply and production of ADSL and VDSL modems and Routers

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